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464 Rosso for MS UK Masterlite (11.5) All Variants + Hof file

Repaint 464 Rosso for MS UK Masterlite (11.5) All Variants + Hof file 1.0

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A repaint file containing repaints as accurate as I could on the new 464 Rosso livery for all variants of the 11.5M Masterlite UK buses, so that means the cummins, Damier and HEV variants are repainted in this livery. The reason why I did this because I went on this route twice (once just to the Hospital in Rochdale and once all the way) in real life on the Optare Versa which is the actual bus that's based on and I loved the inside especially the flooring. Now in my version there are differences, one of them being I couldn't get the actual seating texture but I gone for something that's similar in terms of the many colours in the texture, I couldn't get the actual picture of the student as well they use but I used a picture of a student that I could find and the back of the bus on both sides are different and again couldn't get the pictures or stuff to get it done.

Also a hof file containing the route itself as accurate as I can, you won't need the route number on this one since it has route number on the section for the display since the number actually appears on the right side of the display rather than the convental left side.

- 464 Rosso for 11.5M Masterlite UK version (Cummins, Dammier and HEV)
- Hof file for the 464
- Promo
- Screenshots
- Update Log
- Readme


Front of the cummins and Damier (normal)


Back of the bus for all buses

Side 1.jpg

Side of the cummins and Damier (normal)

HEV Front.jpg

HEV Front

HEV Side.jpg

HEV side

Inside 1.jpg

Inside with the seats and the wooden effect floor

Inside 2.jpg

Inside front of the bus with the number of the route behind the driver cab


All Variants together with the hof file working with all the displays
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