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[DD] First Olympia - Masterlite 11.5m (Daimler)

Repaint [DD] First Olympia - Masterlite 11.5m (Daimler) V1.0a

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OMSI 2 Add-On Masterlite Pack -
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This is my First Olympia repaint for the MS Masterlite 11.5m; this isn't the end, however!
It's honestly one of, if not, my best work yet. It's based on 63329, SK65 PXL, which is a First Essex vehicle based in Colchester.

I will be adding more details to the livery as time goes on, as well as making different variants.
If you like my work, consider joining my Discord server to see ongoing work:
Included are my edits to two of the scripts included with the bus, this will limit the bus to 50mph (80kmh), disables kickdown and enables sensotop, as is what 63329 is equipped with irl.

If you find a bug with the repaint and you would like to report it, or you would like support with installing the repaint, please use the resource thread or join my Discord server using the invitation link above. Please do not use the resource reviews to ask for support or to report a bug as I will ignore it. There is one bug I do know about and it's the connection between the sides and the rear of the vehicle, I'll fix this at a later date.

1) Drag and drop "OMSI 2" into your Steam Common folder (usually Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2)
2) Done lmao

xSklzx Dokkaebi (me, duhh).
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Latest updates

  1. V1.0a

    - Changed the directory to work for V1.02 of the Masterbus Masterlite. - Added HANICS Display to...

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Great work as always and thank you for sharing your work on here šŸ˜Š
Thank you for the support, Fin. āœŒ
Absolutely outstanding repaint
Thank you very much for the support šŸ‘Œ