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Map [FS] Southwest Counties V1.1

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Fastlane Studios

Fastlane Studios Official BB Account
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties V1.1

Hello and welcome to the thread of Southwest Counties. This upcoming map will hopefully be one of the biggest maps in OMSI 2. This map is based in the SW of England, going up Wales, and heading back up into England. It is fictional obviously. Here is the diagram of what I mean:

So here are the routes:

1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Ingesthorpe King Street
2: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Worpington Village Depot
3: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Yorkfriars General Hospital
4: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Wellford Shopping Centre
4A: Fallersbay Bus Layby - Wellford Clinic

5: Ingesthorpe King Street- Sovernleigh Town Square
6: Sovernleigh Town Square - Downkeil Turning Circle/Downkeil ALDI
7: Sovernleigh Town Square - Fernbarr Train Station
8: Sovernleigh Town Square - Cenbale Farm Lane Flats
10: Sovernleigh Town Square - Kirkbay Stadium - Kirkbay High Street

PR1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Yorkfriars Park & Ride
PR2: Ingesthorpe King Street - Downkeil Park & Ride

U1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Fernbarr University
2A: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Worpington Academy Front
As you can see, there are more regions on the diagram. The routes above are for V1. There is actually a V2 in progress and will feature more routes and the specified areas. Time for screenshots!

bandicam 2019-10-28 18-50-49-301.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-52-21-887.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-54-03-924.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-54-36-895.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-55-46-619.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-55-56-084.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-56-25-397.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-56-39-378.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-29 19-51-56-089.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-11-43-911.jpg

For information on version 2, find the thread "Southwest Counties 2.0
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Fastlane Studios

Fastlane Studios Official BB Account
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties V1.1 - January 2020 Update

Hello folks. Well, Southwest Counties and other projects by me (A8K) are now back to being publicly worked on for the time being. Anyway, loads have been going on and you're thinking "Oh god not another crappy update". Well we listened to your opinions on Virtualbus and here too and have came up with an all new redesign...

Before you go into thinking I am making V3 so soon, no... Earlier in 2019, I was thinking to myself, "Why is Southwest Counties so bad?". Well, I thought of a solution. Redesign areas. And that is what has happened.
Stagecoach Southwest Wales (Huddingsthorpe) have teamed up with Simplibus to provide you with "simple services". Buses have a Simplibus livery showcasing the already simple route numbers, whilst others have branding on them such as route 3. All pollution-prone buses have been removed from the Stagecoach fleet and have been replaced with more eco-friendly buses.

Here are some screenshots of new buses coming your way to Southwest Counties:

All repaints are WIP and may not reflect the final product.

More buses will be repainted but everything is still WIP.
The map itself has changed completely. Instead of having regular terraced buildings going around on corners, I have replaced them with walls. I have replaced other buildings in the Huddingsthorpe area and straightened them up. I have started work on Fallersbay but not anywhere else. Time for more screenshots!
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-26-34-682.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-26-43-441.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-26-58-547.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-27-08-117.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-27-23-595.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-27-32-875.jpg

As said before, this is a WIP. I am still adding and replacing scenery to make it look more better.
If you want more regular updates, then join the Fastlane Studios server here:

Until then, see you in February! - A8K
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