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[FS] Southwest Counties V2

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Southwest Counties Logo.jpg

So, another version of Southwest Counties? Yep. This version is wayyyyy better than V1. It is more detailed, and just more British looking. Anyway, the map is pretty much the same in terms of areas and routes (with a few extensions). So here are the routes:

1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Ingesthorpe King Street
1A: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Ingesthorpe Retail Park
2: Meer Estate - Fallersbay Train Station/Fallersbay Layover - Worpington Village Depot
3: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Yorkfriars General Hospital - Worpington Village Depot - Huddingsthorpe Bus Station (Circular)
4: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - O'Donnell Shopping Centre
4A: Meer Estate - Wellford Pharmacy
Above are the confirmed routes for now. There are more routes but I haven't confirmed them 100%.

Anyway, here are some screenshots:
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-27-05-789.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-27-16-586.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-27-47-863.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-28-25-513.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-28-35-797.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-29-01-215.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-29-15-071.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-10 22-29-38-562.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-24 00-15-16-455.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-24 00-15-34-707.jpg
bandicam 2019-11-28 16-57-05-520.jpg

As you can see, this looks much better than V1. Instead of having updates once in a while, I will do monthly updates so that you can keep up with progress.

If you want regular updates, go to the Fastlane Studios Discord server:
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This thread will be locked until further notice for myself to focus on Southwest Counties V1.1.

Once V1 has released, this thread will open up and will show progress.
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