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Repaint [FS] Transdev MEGA Repaint Pack for the Masterlite/Streetlite

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Fastlane Studios

Fastlane Studios Official BB Account
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Fastlane Studios
Transdev MEGA Repaint Pack for the Masterlite/Streetlite
Project creation by
Fastlane Studios



Liveries planned:

Green - Done
Yellow - WIP
Red - Not Started

Transdev Blazefield:
The Burnley Bus Company
Rosso Bus
Rosso Bus Trax
The Blackburn Bus Company

Irwell Line
The Witch Way
The Harrogate Bus Company
The Keighley Bus Company

Legacy Transdev Blazefield:
The Witch Way
Harrogate Connect

Burnley Connect
Lancashire United
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CM Punk

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Fastlane Studios
Cant wait to see theese, even though i dont have the streetlite, im still rooting for this ;)
Thanks for rooting for this! I'll probably make a video on my youtube channel showing off the different repaints, about 1 week before we release them to the public.
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