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General Rules

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1a: Don't attempt to abuse/loophole a bug/glitch/rule/system. Breaking this rule will be a permanent ban.

2a: Any dual clanning by anyone that is involved in our servers will be terminated/banned immediately.

3a: All discord and FiveM related rules also apply to our discord/FiveM servers.


4a: Any advertising in any way. shape or form is prohibited.

4b: If you are in another discord server that previously advertised on our servers. you will get banned as well.

5a: Any discriminating comments or statements against any individual involved with Cooley is strictly prohibited.

6a: If you leave any organization/group relating to LEO, Military. Gangs. or Militias must wait a week before joining another organization/group.

7a: Any homophobic/racial/discriminating-relating statements or slurs (including the N-Word) will be banned/blacklisted from the community for 1-month to a permanent ban.

8a: Respect others as you'd want to be respected. do not disrespect other members as

9a: Any jokes or comedy relating to suicide will result in a ban. Suicide is NOT a joke and shouldn't be talked about as a joke.
Not open for further replies.