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Go North East - Enthusiast Area

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Welcome to our Enthusiast Area
We live and breathe buses so we like to encourage anyone with an interest in our buses and services.

The following links provide a resource through which you can access information about Go North East.

This page is updated regularly and new resources are added as they become available, so check back often.

I have included:
Fleet Allocation

Fleet List
Fleet Archive

12 February 2019 - UPDATES
  • Scania L94/Wright Solar 5201 (NK54 NUU) has transferred from Percy Main to Chester-le-Street, with 5205 (NK54 NUY) going the other way.
  • Also swapping depots are Optare Versa 5389 (NL63 YAX), which returns to Riverside with 8324 (NK11 FXG) returning to Chester-le-Street.
  • Wright StreetDeck 6304 (NK16 BXD) has returned to service at Crook, with 6332 (NK67 GOA) returning to Chester-le-Street.
  • Scania L94/Wright Solar 5218 (NK54 NVO) has been withdrawn.
  • ADL Enviro 200 demonstrator YW68 OXA is on loan at Washington Depot, numbered 9079.


Not open for further replies.