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Map [HT] Southwest Counties V1.1

Fastlane Studios

Fastlane Studios Official BB Account
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties V1.1

Hello and welcome to the thread of Southwest Counties. This upcoming map will hopefully be one of the biggest maps in OMSI 2. This map is based in the SW of England, going up Wales, and heading back up into England. It is fictional obviously. Here is the diagram of what I mean:

So here are the routes:

1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Ingesthorpe King Street
2: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Worpington Village Depot
3: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Yorkfriars General Hospital
3A: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Wellford Medical Practice
A: Ingesthorpe King Street - Sovernleigh Town Square
5: Sovernleigh Town Square - Downkeil ALDI/Turning Circle
7: Sovernleigh Town Square - Kirkbay Stadium

PR1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Yorkfriars Park & Ride

N1: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Ingesthorpe King Street
N2: Sovernleigh Town Square - Kirkbay High Street

9: Huddingsthorpe Bus Station - Worpington Academy Front
16: Sovernleigh Town Square - Cenbale High School
As you can see, there are more regions on the diagram. The routes above are for V1. There is actually a V2 in progress and will feature more routes and the specified areas. Time for screenshots!

bandicam 2019-10-28 18-50-49-301.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-52-21-887.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-54-03-924.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-54-36-895.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-55-46-619.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-55-56-084.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-56-25-397.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-56-39-378.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-29 19-51-56-089.jpg
bandicam 2019-10-28 18-11-43-911.jpg

For information on version 2, find the thread "Southwest Counties 2.0
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Fastlane Studios

Fastlane Studios

Fastlane Studios Official BB Account
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties V1.1 - January 2020 Update

Hello folks. Well, Southwest Counties and other projects by me (A8K) are now back to being publicly worked on for the time being. Anyway, loads have been going on and you're thinking "Oh god not another crappy update". Well we listened to your opinions on Virtualbus and here too and have came up with an all new redesign...

Before you go into thinking I am making V3 so soon, no... Earlier in 2019, I was thinking to myself, "Why is Southwest Counties so bad?". Well, I thought of a solution. Redesign areas. And that is what has happened.
Stagecoach Southwest Wales (Huddingsthorpe) have teamed up with Simplibus to provide you with "simple services". Buses have a Simplibus livery showcasing the already simple route numbers, whilst others have branding on them such as route 3. All pollution-prone buses have been removed from the Stagecoach fleet and have been replaced with more eco-friendly buses.

Here are some screenshots of new buses coming your way to Southwest Counties:

All repaints are WIP and may not reflect the final product.

More buses will be repainted but everything is still WIP.
The map itself has changed completely. Instead of having regular terraced buildings going around on corners, I have replaced them with walls. I have replaced other buildings in the Huddingsthorpe area and straightened them up. I have started work on Fallersbay but not anywhere else. Time for more screenshots!
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-26-34-682.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-26-43-441.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-26-58-547.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-27-08-117.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-27-23-595.jpg
bandicam 2020-01-07 00-27-32-875.jpg

As said before, this is a WIP. I am still adding and replacing scenery to make it look more better.
If you want more regular updates, then join the Fastlane Studios server here:

Until then, see you in February! - A8K
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Hex Tech Co-Founder. Map Developer. Repainter
Trial Moderator
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties V1.1 - February 2020 Update

Well, another month has passed. We are in the 2nd month of 2020 already! Could you believe it? So, what's been happening? Not much to be honest. I am really busy at the moment and have slowly been drifting from the OMSI community. I thought it would be best to take a break and play on other games. Due to this, progress has been really slow. But, I have managed to get a few things done!

I have mainly been filing documents and sorting everything out for this map. Due to its sheer size, this filing was necessary. I have also continued to strip Fallersbay and even destroyed a lot of trees in Huddingsthorpe. This is to make way for a more tidy-looking map, unlike Harrothorpe. I have named this project "The Big Strip!" (I know it sounds wrong but whatever).

Sadly, screenshots will not be available in this post. As said before, I am busy with other things and don't need to devote my life to this.

Alas, I have created a Trello board! I have created it so that you can see what I am working on without a big paragraph to explain. If you want to check it out, go to:

That's all from me I'm afraid. I guess I'll see you in March.

Edit: For pretty much regular updates, go to the Fastlane Studios Discord Server:


Hex Tech Co-Founder. Map Developer. Repainter
Trial Moderator
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties V1.1 - March 2020 Update

Hello everybody! Well this thread has been very empty over the last month but quite a bit has been happening during this time. If you had a look at last months post, I began a project called "The Big Strip", and so far it has been successful. Most scenery has been replaced and updated with more "modern-looking" ones. Take a look below:

As you can see, it is a whole load better compared to a few months back. This level of detail and accuracy will continue to expand across the whole map. For now, I will continue working on Huddingsthorpe.

Now, there are a few reasons as to me not working on this project. For a start, I've not had the time to get round to it; and now because of the coronavirus pandemic closing down all mainland British schools, it is causing more of a strain to get round to this.

Anyway, you may have noticed a lot has been going on with the Fastlane Studios Discord server. Recently, we've had certain difficulties with partnerships and ownerships etc. During this week, myself and Joshy spent time getting all of this resolved and so far, most of it has been sorted. Here's what has happened:

  • Fastlane Studios is now an independent development group
  • TeamVertex has been barred from ownership and partnership agreements (for now)

Anyway, in other news about the group, we have rebranded! Instead of yellow and white, then pale green and black, we are going with a purple and blue approach. We are also expanding to different platforms for development purposes such as Roblox (more info on Discord).

OK, that's all from me on this update and more. Take it easy, self isolate, stay healthy, don't bulk buy, and don't panic!

Axel K
CEO of Fastlane Studios (Independent Group)

FS Discord:


Hex Tech Co-Founder. Map Developer. Repainter
Trial Moderator
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties - April 2020 Update

Around 10 months ago, I began this map. It's been a great journey so far. With Ashford, to Huddingsthorpe Demo, to Huddingsthorpe V1, to this. I know those previous maps have been rubbish, and even SW Counties in some places!, but as my map skills progress, so does the map quality overall.

Anyway, map development has been increasing over the last few days. I haven't really done any development before, due to the fact I didn't really have motivation to do so. With coronavirus getting more worse, and worries about school etc, it has been quite hard in the real world. So, what's the story in Balamory? Let's find out.

Fallersbay has been receiving a new makeover, with a rebuilt "Promenade" shall we say, with to-be-built estates surrounding it. After this, I will begin work on the Caravan Park, then adding road markings everywhere, with plenty of clutter. Meanwhile, in Huddingsthorpe, I have been mainly placing Flora, to give it a "foresty" feel. Unfortunately, I haven't been getting round to repaints, simply because I can't be bothered making them yet. On the other hand, I've been having another think of which companies should be in game. Here they are so far:
  1. Stagecoach Southwest Wales
  2. Arriva in Wales, Greenline
  3. New Adventure Travel
  4. Transdev Wales, Veolia Transport Cymru, Bebb Travel, CityZAP, The Huddingsthorpe Bus Company
  5. National Express
  6. (All companies which have commas mean they are a subsidary of the main one)

So, those are the companies (for now). Anyway, enjoy some screenshots of Fallersbay so far!

That's all from me this month. See you in May!

Lead Developer
Stay apart, stay inside, stay safe


Hex Tech Co-Founder. Map Developer. Repainter
Trial Moderator
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Fastlane Studios
Southwest Counties - May 2020 Update

It is May 2020! Coronavirus is finally calming down, people are going to work, and I am still inside till June! So, what's the story in Huddingsthorpe this time? Too much...

I've actually been focusing on Fallersbay Sea Front to get it to perfection. If you are on the Discord server, you would've seen how the area is receiving more detail. Anyway, I've started on the caravan park (finally), and so far I've only completed the car park. Soon, I will be creating a tight road swerving around the park. There will be a service operated by Bebb Travel every Sunday going from Ingesthorpe King Street going down towards there. Also, I've been adding more road markings, as well as residential houses and flats (unfortunately named the Twin Towers). I've updated the sand at the Sea Front, to give it more of a *moist* look (noice) instead of somewhere out of Microsoft Flight Simulator 1998. I have also made the Sea Front some sort of construction site, with materials and machinery. You'll probably know what I will be doing. Now, at the side of the beach, there is a bald patch next to the houses, so I'm just filling them in with trees. Talking of trees, I've been adding loads at the entrance of Fallersbay, leading down to the Sea Front crossroads. I've also added a barrier, to give it a "constructiony" look.

Wow, that is a lot of stuff developed in a month! I know. So, what's planned for the future? I will continue "The Big Strip" up towards the bus layby, where a new road layout will be placed. Afterwards, I will be stripping down the Fallersbay to Worpington road, and redesigning it too. After that, I will be destroying all of Worpington, simply because it looks outdated. I will still include tight roads, but the houses will be more spaced out, and will give it that "middle class" feeling. "What about that busroad thing you made?" Well, I'm not sure about it at the moment. I will either remove it, make it an off service shortcut, or redesigning it (meaning more areas will have to be too).

Anyway, I am going to do another reveal of which buses will be included in the map:

Enviro 200 MMC
London Citybus 400

Unfortunately, that's all the buses I can repaint, but I am going to get Josh to hopefully get some repaints for the ALX 400 London and Regional variants!

OK, that's me done rambling for another month! Have a look at the progress!



Oh before I go, I'd like to say that Fastlane Studios is rebranding! We are now called HexTech! Our Discord server is under full revamp at the moment but should be completed within two weeks. So, no Discord link this time. Anyway, see you in June!