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Pic of the week week 1 submissions


Submit your screenshot by posting it in this thread - the winning image will be visible to everyone on the main page and receive a SOTM banner on there account just like my staff banner but different :)

The image can be of any game and any platform .
You may also submit any photo taken with a camera e.g transport photos or scenery pics.

The winner will be decided in a public poll after submissions close.

We ask.
  • Each member may only enter one screenshot. if you want to change your submission please remove the post you do not want to submit.
  • When posting please provide a short line of what's going on/happening in the image.
  • No Photos of computer screens
The deadline for submissions is the Friday 21st at 5pm

Best of luck! :)


Hi thank you everyone for your screenshot of the month submissions.

However I have decided to end the monthly competition.

Instead starting from the 1st of April BritBus will have a new competition. POTW = pic of the week ?

For POTW you can submit any pics you've taken in the week e.g screenshot, bus or transport photos or any other pics like landscapes etc.

We hope that people who have entered SOTM will also try POTW.

Thanks for being a valued member of BritBus.

Thanks admin team.


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rkv, here raghu says that there is one chandru pouring songs over songs lyrics in dhool. Is that chandru you meant as madhu who is posting here. Yappa ore thala suthudhuppa. ethana jambawans inga?