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Pic of the week week 2 submissions

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Submit your screenshot by posting it in this thread - the winning image will be visible to everyone on the main page and receive a POTW banner on there account just like my staff banner but different :)

The image can be of any game and any platform .
You may also submit any photo taken with a camera e.g transport photos or scenery pics.

The winner will be decided in a public poll after submissions close.

We ask.
  • Each member may only enter one screenshot. if you want to change your submission please remove the post you do not want to submit.
  • When posting please provide a short line of what's going on/happening in the image.
  • No Photos of computer screens
The deadline for submissions is Sunday 14th at 5pm

Best of luck! :)

The British Gamer

Repainter and map developer.
Resource Control
Content Creator
OMSI Repainter
Forum Member

2 B7TL’s parked up at Stanmore Station after completing a long, tiring day of Rail Replacement to Hemel Hempstead.

CM Punk

The Best In The World
Content Creator
Content Creator
OMSI Repainter
Fastlane Studios
Livery: UNO
Bus: Dennis Dart MPD
Reg: KE03 TWA

Route: 404 South Hatfield Via: QEII

I know I'm slightly late but close enough ;)
Not open for further replies.