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Website Management Site Upgrades!

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Hello all!
I'm xSklzx Dokkaebi - the new website manager/developer. First of all, thank you for being with us at BritBus!

As you can see, our website has gone through a little bit of a changeup - we've modernized the site a little and also changed up the grammar for each individual node to fit our new criteria and standards. As you have probably heard, we have another site upgrade which will take effect on Monday morning so make sure you check the website regularly to see it!
I'll be maintaining the forums as well as working with the administration team to write up some rules and regulations for everyone. However, we don't want to seem disconnected to users so I will be setting up a suggestions/feedback system for all of you!
When the system is complete, you'll be able to send us suggestions for the site as well as give us feedback on parts that you do/don't like and we'll do our best to rectify anything you don't like.

Thank you for sticking with BritBus and we apologize that the maintenance lasted a bit longer than we anticipated!
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